Oyatel replaces your traditional corporate phone system

Say goodbye to your old phone system and take part in the technology revolution.


A complete phone system on the web

Oyatel has developed a complete and feature rich phone system customized to any businesses corporate needs. CallManager is 100% web-based, so all you need to manage your telephony is a Mac or PC. You have at any time updated information of phone status and employees who are online.

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Oyatel CallManager supports automated attendant controlled by calling queues, key selection menus and automatically control the opening. You can easily manage users and call queues to get faster response times and a more effective call flow. You may also have an operated switchboard with access to online status for your employees

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Oyatel Conference is a simple but powerful conferencing solution with unlimited number of callers. You have full control on when participants enters or leaves the conference via notifications . The company may establish standing conference and add an individual conference when needed.

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Oyatel Softphone

Oyatel Softphone replaces your traditional desk phone and is your main tool in interactions with CallManager. It is completely free for our customers and has all the functionality you need.

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Oyatel iPhone App

Oyatel iPhone App enables you to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world. Sign in using 3G/4G or WIFI and use the same functionality as Oyatel Softphone wherever you are.

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Do as many other companies and use our open Streaming API to integrate Oyatel against their systems .
You can find documentation on dev.oyatel.com

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OyaChat is an encrypted and secure chat solution for internal communications. OyaChat is a very useful tool in the daily communication with colleagues and employees.

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Oyatel delivers complete statistics in Call Manager. Get full control of the company incoming calls, response time and how many missed calls now have.

On outgoing calls, you get an overview of how many calls each agent has called, how many connected and how many UNIQUE number the agents have called.

In addition, our clients have access to LiveQueue, where you at any given time, have a real time status how many people are waiting in line, how many agents are on the phone, etc.

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Oyatel Presence

Have you ever been put through to someone who is not present or available? We have the solution for that. With Oyatel Presence you have full control on your colleagues’ availability status, whether they are in a conversation, away , offline or online.

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With Oyatel LiveQueue function you can see how many callers are on hold and how many are processed in real time. A valuable tool for both support center and any enterprises!

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Other Features

Oyatel also has other functionalities that addresses our customers’ needs. See the full list.

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Oyatel has a wide range of customers. Learn more about how we help businesses like yours.

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